20 Morning Routine Meditation

Have you ever heard the phrase 'got out the wrong side of the bed'? Maybe it's just a Dutch saying. Maybe you've heard "start as you mean to go on" instead? 😉

I know that it can be hard to get some sort of routine going 😅, so I've put together a 20 minute meditation ☯️ for you that you can easily save to your phone 📱so you can access it anywhere. You don't need anything except a journal 📓and a pen 🖌. 

The 20 meditation goes something like this...

🔆Breathing Exercise

🔆Kirtan Kriya Meditation

🔆Connection to Divine Guided Meditation


🔆10 jumping jacks (or star jumps) 

Make sure you listen to the explainer audio before you start, so you can be prepared for what's to come! 💪🏽

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