3 (simple) Ways to Use a Chatbot in Your Biz

Chatbots are one of those things when I tell people I'm an automation coach that's the kind of stuff that they think I do. And definitely it is part of what I do. I love chat bots. I was actually an early adopter with Manychat and I didn't really do very much with it in the beginning, and that is going to be one of my big regrets when I’m on my deathbed.

I was asked recently, isn’t using a chatbot spammy? My answer to that is a resolute, unequivocal: no!

Chatbots don’t have to be spammy because people actually invite themselves to join the chat but it’s not about pushing out to people. You can create a Chabot that is fun, engaging, and really speaks to what the customer needs and help you organize them in such a way that you know what kind of audience that they are. Some people are going to be red hot leads, others are going to be lukewarm. Using chatbots can actually help you organize people and give them what they need rather than what they don’t need or what you think they need.

This requires you to know your customer super duper well, and that is something that I do in my power our sessions so if that something you want to do, definitely book in with me and let's get super clear on what it is that you need to know about your ideal client and your niche.

But back to the chat bot for now. So when you’re looking at a chat bot, you want to look at the end user experience first. I really love this way of working backwards because it gives you an idea of what the end result really should be looking like.

I promise I’m not going to go into the technicalities of what you need to be doing when you were trying to create a chat bot and I’m actually to get to the point of the article, LOL.

OK so the main three ways that I love using chatbots are:

1. Lead generator

2. Challenge/daily subscription (can make this paid also)

3. Personalise content

Lead Generation

Lead generation is obviously a great thing and something that everybody wants. If you ask somebody to download a freebie for example you can do this robot which means you don't have to do any of the work, it gets automated, and you can even ask follow-up questions and engage with them to follow them into cold, warm, hot leads. This is also a great way to get people to book an appointment with you and finding out what actually they are up to, where they’re at, so that you can actually serve them better on the call.

Challenge/Daily Subscription

As a busy entrepreneur, I would pay money for someone to send me a messenger message every day, reminding me that I need to exercise, how to exercise, and how long it's going to take. This is actually monetize a bowl you guys. You need to understand that convenience is something that people are willing to pay for, especially in this day and age. If you can do a challenge and what you can set it all up at an auto place it means that one it’s Evergreen and two, again, we’re looking for those personalize experiences and what you can figure out where a lead is on their buying journey to you.

Personalise content

This is especially great for those that have a lot of content already existing out there. If you were a PT, if you were a coach, then you could for example ask people what they need right now. So then that way you can actually send them to specific parts of your funnel, or various freebies, in order to get them to look at your content, be interested in your content, and ultimately of course put them on the barn journey as well.

So let’s go back to the super practical stuff. In order to do any of these above, I’m going to list out what you actually need in order to get started on building a bot, besides knowing how to actually build a bot.

Lead Generation

Email list signup form that also send a freebie (a funnel)

Make sure to sign them up to the mailing list

Follow up with how they felt about it, encourage them to book a call

Challenge/daily subscription (can make this paid also)

You need a challenge of some kind. Something that gives you permission to show up in their inbox daily for a set period of time.

Highly recommend sending them a freebie at the end or a chance to book a call with you (see Lead Generation above).

Personalise content

You will need a library of content that is free and easily accessible online.

Preferably some content that also requires email capture (see Lead Generation above).

So, overall, chat bots don't have to be hard. They can be fun and creative and hilarious!

Have you ever interacted with a chatbot? What did you think?

Want to build the foundations of your chat bot? Book in for a taster session now!


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