Admin DAy Friday

*This is a post I shared on my FB a few weeks ago about my Admin Days. Hope it helps someone <3

I was recently speaking with an old client who was telling me about their transformation from chaos to organisation after working with me, and I was delighted to hear they were doing so well

They were getting more things done, they had instigated an Admin Day Friday where they don’t take client calls, and they were well on their way to creating their chosen lifestyle.

Admin Day Friday is something that I have championed for as long as I can remember since becoming my own boss. I’m pretty sure I got it from a podcast somewhere in those beginning stages, it's been so long I'm afraid I can't give whomever it was proper credit. It's been life-changing.

So life-changing in fact, that several of *my* coaches have adopted this practice too- and seeing it take off like that is really heart-warming.

As an entrepreneur, Admin Day Friday comes as something of a relief. After a hectic week, it’s a great way to tie up loose ends, reply to people you should have replied to a few days ago, and even, dare I say it, take a few hours out. There are no official client calls (client interaction is inevitable, and sometimes I will also spend time holding them accountable).

Today, for example, I will spend a couple hours on Clubhouse connecting with my favorite entrepreneurs (we run rooms together), I will write this post of course, and reply to emails. I’ll have some thinking time.

But I also went for a coffee with my dad (he’s looking at a new iPad and needed a second opinion), helped him clear some space in the attic and found a new solution for my bedroom.

I’m not under extreme pressure to make it to a sales or client call, I’m not stressed about completing my to-do list. It’s almost like a Saturday, except it’s Friday.

I’ll also go for dinner with one of my closest friend, we seem to go almost every Friday because it’s a great way to round off the week. And since we’re in Taiwan, we get to go to all sorts of places (corona who?). We go into the city, the Carrefour restaurant corridor, or like tonight, we’re going to one of my favorite night markets.

If you subscribe to the “fake it till you make it” mentality to some degree, an admin day or CEO day is the perfect in-between to working less. Having an entire day where you are not a slave to the mechanisms that you’ve built is so liberating, and you can actually focus on making your business grow rather than just doing the same thing over and over again.

Once you’ve mastered the admin day, you can actually taper down your admin day, or even to the point where you have it twice a week, and then eventually, you can manage to do it all in one day, meaning you’ll have one day entirely free to focus on your personal life and hobbies.

And for my clients, that’s usually the goal. Having more time. To breathe, to be with the kiddos, to focus on yourself


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