Attraction marketing works- here's why


I harp on a lot about attraction marketing because I believe that it can be so effective. Do I think it's for everyone? Absolutely not. I do believe that it is for certain types of people, and for certain industries where it works specifically well. Do I think that high risk investors are going to be attracted to somebody’s marketing? Not necessarily.

Coaches, astrologists, spiritual people, wellness guides – they are all going to be so much more successful if they actually apply the principles of attraction marketing.

In my experience, there are three specific things you need to do very well in order for attraction marketing to work. The first one is consistency then it’s about really being able to niche down, and finally it’s about creating bonds with people.


No seriously, I'm talking about consistency here. And I'll be the first to put up my hand to say that I have not always been as equally consistent as I should have been. But when I think about what I really want, what I'm really after in the world, I know that consistency is going to get me there. It’s me getting up every day before dawn in order to work on what I deem to be most important.

By being able to produce content on a regular basis, ensure that goes out, that is when I’m going to find the most success. It’s about regularly asking for sales calls, it’s about regularly posting to groups for example, or even just going to networking events and speaking to others there.


I cannot stress how important this niche thing is. I keep talking about this in the different articles that I’m writing lately, and it makes me feel like maybe I should do a class or class on niching. Is your niche specific enough? Are you sure? Have you asked somebody else to check? Don’t assume that you know best when it comes to looking at your niche. Make sure you throw these ideas around with a few other people before you start pushing it out there.

If you want to have a 1:1 call with me, for the sake of this blog I am specifically offering my event special (this is how important I believe this is!) It's just £49 for a one hour call with me to hammer this out. I can guarantee you, hammering out your niche properly over this hour call with me, you’re going to make the investment back 10 fold, assuming you do all the work around it!


Creating bonds is the new social currency. I don't think that enough people realize how important it is for you to actually create bonds with people before they buy from you. I mean, look at your own purchasing journeys from the last few months even. Have you bought anything from someone who had no idea about - especially if it was a high ticket item?

Creating bonds is how you are able to make the most of your business model. And this is done through attraction marketing... so technically these two ideas are interwoven.

What do I mean by creating bonds? I don’t mean you have to go have afternoon tea with every single one of them. You create bonds through the content that you put out, the way that people interact with them, and ultimately, your conversation with them in the messenger chat. If you are able to have a human conversation, without pushing them into buying something, then you have already won their hearts over. (In other words, this is engagement)

I find it really useful to get people on the phone. When you can get them on the phone people can hear your passion, your integrity, and they can really feel the connection with you. If you can't do a video chat, that's even better. So try and get as many people on the phone as possible, especially in the beginning. You don’t necessarily have to sell people from the very start, but get used to speaking to people in this way, and creating relationships with them.


Once we have created that relationship is much easier to ask for the sale with people are actually engaged with you. Think about it…

Loyalty is the biggest commodity that you can have with any kind of business relationship. Therefore it’s important to cultivate that personal relationship before you ask for the sale because that way the loyalty already exists rather than having to prove yourself after the sale.

It’s about the entire experience. And you cannot create individualize experiences unless you pay a butt load of money in personalized selling techniques (which we can talk about if you want). The best way to do this is through private selling. You can make the experience so personal because you’re able to hit on exactly what it is that they need or want in their lives that you have a solution for.


OK, so this is the final countdown. LOL. No main the point here is to explain to you how effortless attraction marketing can really be. It can be as easy as writing out one post on your social media pages, or even in a group, and having people comment oh my gosh I wanna work with you how can I do that.

This is happened to me a couple of times because of the type of content that I put out, and I plan to do a lot more of that going forward because I can see the value and sharing who I am, how it is that I work so that when people are ready to buy, they actually know what they’re buying into.

And when they're aware of what they're buying into, they're going to work a hell of a lot harder than somebody who doesn't know what's going to be happening. This way you're going to produce much better results, which ultimately is going to lead to better testimonials, and more social proof for you to share out to your audiences.

So to recap in order to make attraction marketing work for you, these are the things that you really need to focus on:

  • Get super freaking clear on who your audience is

  • Give, give, give

  • Stay consistent, and the magic will happen


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