Business page vs personal profile

I get asked this question a lot, so I just wanted to make a few distinctions for my audience.

Some of you have been in business a few years, some of you are just starting out. But one thing we all have in common? We want to keep our business life and personal life separate.

In my coaching I advise people to get rid of their personal profile altogether-- to an extent.

The Facebook algorithm much prefers the personal profile to the Business Page... but I'm getting ahead of myself.

The Personal Profile

A personal profile: Your main account. When you click on that little circle with your profile picture on the top of the Facebook webpage... that's your PERSONAL PROFILE.

It's where you can add friends, add what used to be called a "status update", create albums, upload photos... your posts get put on the News Feed of your friends and the more they interact the more Facebook pushes it out to more of your friends.

It's the account that shows up when you interact with other people's (and pages') posts. People can click on your name and head over to your profile to see what you're about.

The Business Page

A business page (I've heard people call this fan page, company page, business profile... but I'm going with the correct term usage here) is something different. A business page is something that you can only create if you have a profile.

A business page is where you can sell stuff, represent your business. You are also able to interact on Facebook AS your Business Page, but it's very limited. You can't interact the friendly (let's be honest: more invasive) way that you can on your personal profile. There's a lot more rules around a business page. If someone likes a post in your business page, you can't automatically interact with them. On your personal profile, you can.

Facebook only shows you between 0.4 - 4% of your business page followers/fans your posts. So if you have 100 people that like your page, you'll be LUCKY if 4 people see the post.

So back to my original point: Using your personal profile to tout your business is a lot more effective than using your business page.

Why is it more effective you ask? Because, when you are posting on your personal profile, it goes to so many more people. You are able to reach a far bigger audience than you would if you had a business page. And that is whether you have 500 people on your page, 50 people on your page or even 5000. Even if you had just 2000 friends on your friend list you'd be able to reach more people on your personal profile.

Private vs Business Life

Full disclosure: this part isn't easy. I chose to give up my personal Facebook profile in favor of my business profile. Personally, I don't really see a difference. I'm selling not just coaching packages, but also a way of life. I live that life every day, and I don't have to pretend to be someone else in order to run my business. This is why I am such a proponent of attraction marketing, being authentic in your business, personal development.

It's all connected for me. Now, I say this with a certain level of privilege. I have friends all over the world, I have business friends all over the world. I don't have children, I'm not very close with my extended family.I don't need Facebook to showcase a life to a certain group of people. I showcase my life to everyone. And that's OK for me.

If you have family all over the world that you want to keep in touch with, then Facebook means a lot more to you. It's a much more of a means for you to keep in touch with people far and wide. So, you are naturally going to be a lot more hesitant about making your Facebook profile (your personal profile), into one that you use for your business.

Using Lists

I have a solution for this. If there's something that I only want certain people to see, I create lists. I have a list for specific friend groups, specific business people, and even spiritual people. If you make it to any of those lists, you might be privy to some posts that the general "public" are not able to see when they come and visit my profile.

Could it potentially get a bit messy? Yes. When you post to a certain list on your Facebook, the next post will automatically refer back to that original list. So it's an extra step for you to have to make it public again for example, or to show more people on your fun friendship lists. In my eyes, it's a small price to pay in order to target a group directly when you are posting about some thing that really matters to you, or even your potential clients.

How much?

Personally, the way I see it is: how much do you want it? How much do you want to live this entrepreneurial life, where you get to live the dream, and also share the dream. If you followed me for any amount of time, you'll know that I am not a fan of hard selling. I don't believe that it's in the best way to make sales. I think it's important to create relationships, to be genuine and your connection with people. When you are able to master that, the sales come in much more naturally than they would otherwise.

Another question is, how much do you want to live your truth? I know this sounds like a bit of a harsh question. But, ultimately, you are going to have to ask yourself this. I'd rather you know about this question now. My truth is that I struggle sometimes, I have many highs and many lows. I truly enjoy my life. I live my dream life. And I'm not afraid to share that. Everything I do, I do with grace, dignity, a sense of justice. That is me. And being able to share that is a big part of who I am.

And let me make a big disclaimer here: I don't sell in every post. I don't need to tell people about my upcoming program or my membership in every post. I hardly sell, because that's not what my business is about. When people read my post, they are genuinely curious about what I'm doing, what I'm seeing.

The Manifesto

I'm fast seeing that I might as well be writing a manifesto hehe! But I encourage you to consider your Facebook profile as an integral piece of your strategy to get your name out there. I invite you to see the benefits of the personal profile. It's a prime piece of real estate that not enough people take advantage of.

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