How to write a bio for entrepreneurs

You know how it goes!

You've had your head down, toiling over your new business, making mistakes left right and centre and BOOM! Suddenly someone wants a bio from you to put on their podcast or to read before you give a talk. And you're like:


Bio's have a few key points. You can get creative if you want, but if you're in a lurch, I'll share a couple of my fail-safe templates.


- Name, title at business, name of business.

- Some history of your work, how you got into this work now.

- 1-2 success stories OR "has worked with numerous/dozens of ....."

- Hobbies/something unexpected

- Vision/inspirational exit

Arna is CEO and Head Wonderpreneur at BeingDutchanese. Her background in sales and administration led her to start her own business in 2016. Since then she has fulfilled her dream of being a digital nomad and has worked with clients spanning across the globe- from Australia to America to the UK. Her recent successes include implementing new strategies in coaching businesses and taking an online course from 5 to 7 figures. In her free time, Arna enjoys yoga and preparing for a marathon. Arna believes that through communication and community, the world will become a better place.


- Name, something you want people to know right off the bat.

- "In her spare time..." runs X business doing Y.

- 1-2 success stories OR "has worked with numerous/dozens of ....."

- One recent success in something unrelated to business

- Favourite coffee order

- Exit

Arna is a digital nomad and aspiring marathon runner. In her spare time, she has 2 online businesses, supporting online entrepreneurs on their journeys to success and avoiding burnout. She has helped entrepreneurs achieve 6 and 7 figures in their business through her strategies and automations support. Recently she ran 8km after a bottle of wine the night before in under 1.5 hours. She drank a flat white afterwards and ordered a full English. But this was Portugal so... it tasted more Portuguese!


- Name, title at business, name of business

- History/struggle that you dealt with

- Overcoming troubles/successes achieved

- Current client successes

- Vision/inspirational exit

Arna is Head Wondercoach at BeingDutchanese. Wanting to pursue the life of a digital nomad, Arna started her own business in 2016 and since has experienced the stresses that come with entrepreneurship. Battling loneliness, existential crises and lack of focus, Arna deeply understands the rollercoaster ride that is entrepreneurship. Despite this, Arna has managed to beat the odds and helped businesses double sales, change mindsets, and achieve 7 figures. Arna's vision is to support 100 entrepreneurs on their way to achieving their dreams in the next 12 months with her Organise Your Chaos programme.


At the end of the day... just make sure your name, your title, and your recent successes are in there. Inserting your personality into this will be a massive bonus for you so try to do it in a way that suits you best. If you're neither inspirational or funny, then be dry. Or dark. Whatever you do, stay true to yourself.

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