Is it time for a second coach?

When I got my first ever coach, it was like the fog had lifted from my brain and suddenly everything was clear again. I was excited about life, my business, and how to get to the next level. I made some super scary decisions and I leapt into a few business decisions that ended up being the best things ever.

I was having what I now like to call "Coach Heart Eyes" 😍, where my coach was like my own personal Saviour.

Whenever another coach would reach out to me, I would hold up my measuring tape and be like, 'nope, not even close!'

My coach did so much for me. He helped me shift some major limiting beliefs, coached me through making some great decisions, and was the cheerleader I never knew I could have.

Getting a coach for me was understanding what it was like to have someone fully in my corner, not afraid to ask the tough questions to make sure that I am safe. The question, "How can I support you?" is one I still have to get used to, almost one year on.

When I was rolling my eyes talking about a random discovery call one day, my coach said, "I know you love me but I'm not the only coach for you." At the time, I couldn't see what he meant. But as the months went on, there were more things I wanted to develop, things that my coach couldn't do *GASP HORROR SHOCK*

Coaches have niches. That's what makes them so good. You can have a life coach, you can have a business coach, or a sales coach, or a strategy coach... there are endless opportunities. While they all collectively do a lot of work to put good energy into the ether for you, you need to do what is best for you.

I will always have a business coach. Being one myself, and running 3 businesses, I need to have the perspective, the support, and the hard truths that I need to learn in order to consistently keep growing. But business is not the only area in my life I need to consistently grow.

In order to become a fully-fledged She-E-O I need to make sure I have other parts of my life being looked at too, and that I'm learning and growing in my relationships, my spirituality, and my fitness.

I started being open to other coaches and their capabilities, and now I have three! THREE COACHES! And that doesn't include the 2 I have for my health. And again-- it's absolutely life-changing. Having specific people helping with specific issues helps you to really break down what you need to do from a total outside-the-box perspective. It's also incredible how much alike they start sounding. In a two-week span I had all three give me the same advice. Oops!

Being a coach myself now, I know how important it is to have a good coach-client relationship. But it's equally important to stay open to other opportunities. As you grow, your needs change. You gotta keep aiming higher, look at the world through a different perspective so that you can achieve more strategically.

Maybe it's time to consider another coach. Maybe it's time to level up your dreams and strategies. Maybe it's time to clear your chakras or start investing.

What do you want to level up today?


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