My Linkedin Sales Rant


If you didn't already get the hint by now, by being an "out there" entrepreneur I get my fair share of dick pics. I also get my fair share of randos liking every picture on my profile, across various SM platforms, and then attempting a feeble "Hi dear". All of these things come hand in hand with being a woman, standing her ground, having a voice.

And that's OK, I've made my peace with this. I make terrible jokes about this, so I'm all set.

But you know one thing that gets my goat more than any other? The unsolicited sales pitches.

Ranked in order, here is where the sales pitches annoy me the most: LinkedIn Facebook <--> Instagram (tied) CH

LinkedIn has Inmail, where people with a premium account can send messages to people not in their network that might be potential clients. About twice a month I'll get offers to do online MBA's. Fine.

But you know what isn't fine? Adding people as a friend and then without even saying hello, just going straight into the pitch. Not knowing ANYTHING about me except what you've glanced across on my profile. You probably couldn't even remember how to spell my name from memory if asked.

The other day, I messaged someone right after I accepted the connection and asked them how they were doing, or something quite trivial, trying to start off with niceties. Without even answering my question, I got a nice long copy-paste message asking me to sign up to a webinar.

And then there's the connections that send the SAME BLOODY SALES MESSAGE every two weeks, like clockwork. They have since been deleted, obviously. But not once have they liked one of my posts, commented, or even just asked anything along in the category of "are you my client"?

Just yesterday, I received a FB inbox request message starting with this: "Hi Arna! Anyway, I'm launching a ..." I rolled my eyes. Firstly, this is grammatically incorrect to the point of pain. Second, what?

Why am I sharing this? Because if you are one of those people, please do yourself a favour and just stop. There is absolutely no need to work this way. There is a MUCH better way.

The clients I work with don't have to be THAT desperate to sell their products. The clients I work with don't have a sales pitch at the forefront of their mind every time they get a new connection. The clients I work with focus on the organic growth aspect of their business more than anything.

If you need help with this, I can direct you to the right place to get your offer sorted, I know lots of coaches who can help with organic marketing for all types of businesses- they're in my inner circle. But please, for the love of all that is holy, STOP with the unsolicited messages!


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