re-thinking mlm sales tactics

If you’ve been any kind of active on Facebook over the last couple of years, you’ll know what I mean. It’s more of a fleeting feeling than a specific act you can pick up on. It’s a kind of … undercurrent of suspicion that you find creeping into your mind.

And I say this, having been on both sides of this conversation. I’m not afraid to admit that I, too, have dabbled in MLM and continue to this day to be invested in one or two. And don’t get me wrong, some can be a legitimate way to do business. But they’re far and few in between, so be cautious when dipping your toe in this pool.

The dread that I am talking about, is, of course, the sales pitch. The conversation is always centered around “what kind of life do you want for yourself” and “let me know if you want in on this great secret I’ve been let in on”…

The longer I’m in the online space, the more I find issue with this type of marketing. And again, to be completely honest, I’ve been part of the problem too. But it’s because I’ve tried it, that I can tell you, it doesn’t work.

It doesn’t work when you fake your way through an online relationship. The best online relationships that I’ve had are ones that rely on interaction not in private, but in public. Your support gets noticed. The fact that you went out of your way to comment on or like a post is appreciated. It no longer works to like two or three posts on my profile in quick succession to then hopefully strike up a conversation with me and sell me your pitch. That’s when alarm bells go off for me.

The same way that a creepy stalker dude will go back and like all your posts from the last two months and then says “hey beautiful”. This is not the vibe we are going for my friends, this is not the vibe.

And in the Now Generation, that is a problem. We need to go back to our roots of looking at what it is that we really want to do. Are we here to cultivate relationships? Or are we here for a one night stand?

When you’re in an MLM, the cultivating the relationship part is the key, crucial component to all of this. I’m not going to believe you if you tell me once. I’m not even going to believe you if you tell me two or three times. It’s the continuing of the relationship that has snagged me each and every time, and made me a prime supporter of whatever cause the MLM is championing.

So how do you do that?

Pick 5-10 people that you think would be good prospects. And actually ENGAGE with them. NO pitching, NO selling, and absolutely NO “let me tell you how amazing I am”. Just genuine, honest, and supportive communication. Maybe even get on the phone at some point down the line. And once the relationship becomes a two way street, asking each other what you do, you can talk about what you do. But again: DON’T PITCH. When people hear that you’re in an MLM then they expect you to pitch and shut off. Don’t. Pitch.

Live your life by example. Live your best MLM success story through your actions not your words. It’s how I got one client to go full time into his MLM. It’s how I helped them develop deep and meaningful relationships to help build that kind of momentum he needed in his business.

Besides, you need raving fans. Because you need them to go out and spread the good word for you, and those types of people take time to a) find, b) groom and c) learn from you. This kind of marketing can’t be done overnight.

On that note, check out my other blog articles to find out more about how you can be more authentically yourself. Find out the difference between Facebook business pages and personal profiles. And maybe, you need to Time-block Your Way To Sanity! Whatever your interests, I like to think I have something for everyone on my blog. Any questions? Feel free to reach out! Catch me on Facebook or on Insta!


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