TikTok is the real MVP of lockdown living

Some people might think that the only reason I’m writing an article about TikTok in the lockdown is so that I actually have an excuse to go on to TikTok and check out all the wonderful TikToks that have actually been posted recently. Well that might be partly true, the real reason why I’m doing this is because it’s actually true — at least for me anyway.

So what is TikTok really? It is a social media platform that was formerly musical.ly and it’s where students, kids and all sorts of people post videos between a couple seconds and one minute long in order to share a joke, a dance or use somebody’s audio to create their own version of the video.

That last bit might sound confusing but here’s an example:


With everyone locked up at home not being able to do anything, the best thing that you can do is while a couple of hours away is to make a TikTok. There are some incredible ones out there- families have banded together to do dance routines, make mini movies with drama, action and even good hint of comedy!

And I have to say even the quality of the filming is way above the mobile phone version. Some people are really going all out with their cameras. How they do that I have no idea but if somebody could tell me that’ll be great because I have a DSL are that is gathering dust in the corner.

Can I just say for the record— I joined TikTok BC, or “Before Corona”. It was a great way to de-stress from a long day behind the computer straining my brain. Watching people sing and dance their little hearts out, wishing perhaps, that maybe, just maybe—I could do something similar. And while I’m nowhere near pro I definitely would say that TikTok is fun it’s just fun to do.

Is it a massive ego boost when somebody likes your video? Or how you have a couple thousand views on the video?Absolutely! It is wonderful to have that feeling.

One of my videos at the moment at the time of writing has about 4000 views and honestly I am over the bloody moon. Who needs hot date on a Friday night when you can have 4000 people approving of a 45 second video that took you 45 minutes to make?

TikTok also generates a lighter side of humanity which I think everybody needs right now. With the most powerful full moon of the year coming up the energy is going to be super intense and I can literally feel the palpable tension in the air amongst people I talk to even online even on Facebook. It’s just really frantic energy. TikTok allows for some relief.

Instead of sitting in the energy and making ourselves more and more uncomfortable and fraught with tension, why not just spend an hour scrawling through some incredibly hilarious and well-thought-out videos?

Are there assholes on TikTok? Absolutely- without a shadow of a doubt. Of course there are just like they’re assholes in every corner of society.

But the wholesome content that is available on TikTok is truly staggering, heartwarming and honestly exactly the cure that we all need right now in a time where parents are getting on their kids nerves and vice versa. In a time we’re online and us entrepreneurs are busier than ever trying to serve their people and their clients. In a time where people are losing jobs. In all of these things there is a little beacon of hope- and that lives in the brevity and lightness that exists on TikTok.

So what are you waiting for? Why aren’t you downloading TikTok yet? Why aren’t you going to see all of my favourite people? Below is a list of some videos to get you interested; to whet your appetite and a few accounts you can start following as well. I hope you enjoy as much as I have and remember share your favourite TikToks with me!

Great accounts to follow:

@cloudtalk (super hilarious series about him and his family in quarantine)

@maxfostercnn (he is a genius)

@karen.reacts (hilarious dude reacts to crazy food recipes)

@jeffrightnow (I’m pretty sure he’s the next big comedian)

@therealrahulrai (… swoon)

@duckytheyorkie (cutest dog ever)

@yourgirlkarly (the most positive person ever)

@christie_the_keeper (zookeeper!)

@grandpachan (Korean Grandpa that reminds me of home hehe)


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