ultimate internet courtesy rules

It's no secret that I spend a lot of time on the Internet. It's also no secret that I was raised between two pretty intense cultures that require a lot of rules and regulations, especially when it comes to common courtesy.

In Holland, it's rude to call anyone before 10am on a Sunday. Despite not being as Calvinistic as they used to be, it still remains a rule. In Taiwan, it's earth-shatteringly rude if you don't call your aunts & uncles by their right names ("Third Aunt" or "Twice Removed Uncle" etc). Farting in public is not acceptable in Holland, while people don't even blink when you do (OK this is more of a countryside rule but still).

I'm assuming that I'll be adding to this post as I continue my work in the online space, but for now, these are the common sense rules I've observed:

  1. Phone Numbers mean jack-sh*t. You do not need my phone number to get in touch with me. It wasn't until I moved back to the UK after a 3 year hiatus that I realized I didn't have my best friend's new number. DO NOT ASK ME FOR MY NUMBER.

  2. There is a 24-hour grace period for all messages. You do not get to bogart my time, especially if you are someone in a different timezone. My sister, who is waving at me from the street of my quarantine hotel, gets to call me and tell me to come to the window. She gets an immediate response. You, on the other side of the world, asking how my day is going, do not get that priority.

  3. Please don't blind-pitch. If you don't know whether or not your magical toe-fungus cream is going to change my life (and I have not expressed interest), please don't tell me about it. This goes for coaching. And joining groups.

  4. Facebook Page likes are no longer cool. Please don't add someone and then automatically ask them to like your page without messaging them first at least. I do not care that you are a results-driven coach if I haven't even spoken to you before.

  5. Follow, unfollow? Please. Nope. Just nope.

  6. Can we not bring up politics, please? And if you do, can you please make sure you're not an asshole? That goes for both sides. Not everyone has to agree with you.

  7. Commenting on looks is soooo last century. I'd like to think that as a society we have evolved enough that "you're so beautiful" just no longer cuts it. This is especially for men, but for women too. The hot guys are often the crazy ones, ladies, FYI (see how offensive that is? Don't do it).


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