You've been running your biz for a while now- YAY! Things are going well, but you feel a little bit like you're chasing your tail. 


There's GOT to be an easier way! 

You should be able to MAKE MORE and DO LESS. 




There's just something that you feel like you need to do... maybe it's hammering out your social media strategy or creating your funnel. You need some support and accountability to tell you: this is what you need. 


With this 4 week intensive supercharge your biz package, let's deep dive into your business and spark the joy in what you need to get done. Let's clean up the back room, so to speak, and organise everything so you can have more time to enjoy your freedom life while running your online biz! 


In this package, you'll receive:

  • 4 Coaching Calls with your Coach
  • 2 Emergency Calls for Mindset Work
  • Access to BeingDutchanese Library
  • Access to BeingDutchanese Business Basics Starter Pack

4 Weeks to Supercharge your Biz!

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£584.35Sale Price

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