You've been running your business for a while now, but you're starting to run out of juice. Every day it seems it's harder to get up, and you start asking yourself some nagging questions...


Is your biz no longer your passion?

What if you have to find something else?

What else IS there?

What if this is it? 


With the 8-week supercharge your biz package, we're going to work together to uncover some of your limiting beliefs, give you space to dream big, and help you organise your business in such a way that you can automate as much as possible. We're going to take the grunt work out of your business through automation or outsourcing, giving you back valuable time to work on the most important relationship you'll ever have: the one with yourself. 


You'll receive:

  • 8 Coaching Calls with your Coach
  • 4 Emergency Calls for Mindset Work
  • Access to 30 Day Social Media Challenge by BeingDutchanese
  • Access to BeingDutchanese Library
  • Access to BeingDutchanese Business Basics Starter Pack


Let's get this party started!

8 Weeks Elevate Your Life & Supercharge Your Biz

£1,199.00 Regular Price
£779.35Sale Price

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