speaking engagements


speaking engagements

My Tinder Bio

"I'm an avid foodie, world traveller and a little bit nerdy. Run my own biz so please don't get me started about automation systems I won't shut up for hours!😅🙈

I have an accent but if you can guess where I'm from then first round's on me 😉" 

There you go-- that's me in a nutshell 😁 The question I have been asked most again and again is, "where in America are you from?" Over the years, the "America" bit seems to have dropped off which is nice. 

Learning & growth are my biggest values, so I always reflect on my experiences good & bad with "what can I learn from this?" -- if you get me on the phone and whinge, chances are I'll ask you this very question! 😂

*PS- I won't be buying first rounds for website visitors 😅

**PPS- The fact that I share my Tinder bio doesn't indicate current relationship status!

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Automations & Chatbots

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It's been a fair few years since I started my journey as an online entrepreneur and things have moved fast. Sometimes it feels like a never-ending game of whack-a-mole. As soon as one software solves one problem, the next one comes up! As soon as one new innovation comes up, the thing you got last month feels obsolete. 


Over the last few years, I've made it my mission to learn and understand what works and what doesn't. Which program goes with what. How the bigger picture fits all those tiny little Ikea screws together so that your business is not only functioning, but actually worth your while too. 


Being an entrepreneur is Hard. F-ing. Work.

But it’s also hella rewarding. I remember having a one-person party dance when I hit 20 invoices. I remember overwhelming joy the first time I bagged a dream client. I love the networking, I love the inevitable swell of pride in my voice when I say, “I’m an entrepreneur”. Because it means that every single day I get up and do what I want to do.


I don’t just fight for a paycheck. I fight for me. I fight for my dreams and what I believe in. And every day I see that dream come into a reality and it only gets better. The 21st century business game is not only about the quick wins, it’s about the long haul.


I remember when Manychat first came out and I immediately went on to play with creating a chatbot (not a very good one, but I learned the ropes quickly!). Thanks to that initial experience, I now have a clients coming to me regularly for chatbot creation. 


Being an early adopter, analyzer, and adventurous problem-solver has served me well in my time. It has helped me manoeuvre my business strategically through different phases, it has helped me increase my income by 600% over the course of 6 months. 

And now the time has come for me to give back. Under my guidance, my clients land 6 figure deals, have their own 'biggest month in business ever's', and completely change their lives by moving across continents!

Let's get to the point!

I'm here to take it one step further- using automations to help busy, technophobic entrepreneurs refocus on their passion and create more time to enjoy this life. 


Personally, I believe there has never been a better time to be alive. I believe that the time we share connecting with others is invaluable and there's nothing like it.

The world needs more connection, more love, more excitement. And while I'm not exactly a love expert (hello I call my website bio my Tinder bio), I know that by giving my fellow entrepreneurs the time and opportunity to bring work-life balance back into their lives, more peace and joy will be generated in our short time on Earth.


Business Strategy


You can run as many automations as you can, but without the right strategy and mindset you won't be able to go very far in your business. 

I strongly believe every business is unique, and while that is true, there are some basics that every business needs. Having seen my share of ventures- both my successful and failed ones- and having helped others find success in their own businesses as an online business manager, I know what is necessary for a successful business to thrive. 

Most businesses survive rather than thrive. Most businesses get work done flying by the seat of their pants. But guess what? That's not sustainable. That's why you need a seasoned business brain to not only keep you running long-term, but also help you thrive. 

Bespoke services available upon request.